Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Professional

Just As Important As Selecting The Right House, The Right Real Estate Professional Can Make All The Difference In Your Investment. Are you Looking for a Real Estate Professional? Here are some things you need to ask when finding a potential Real Estate Professional. After all, it’s a HUGE investment. Shouldn’t you have the best person working for you?
1. Are you a broker or salesperson? -Brokers typically have more experience, and have tested beyond the scope of salespersons. They have completed more education, passed much harder state and national exams, typically had more field experience, and are held to a higher standard of professionalism and responsibility.

2. Are you new or seasoned? -Having a new Real Estate Professional can be dangerous. This is not a business where people just wake up one morning and decide to sell real estate. This is a huge investment and your Real Estate Professional should truly know EXACTLY what they are doing. This only comes with experience. Just having a license does not mean you know how to sell real estate. They should be able to answer your questions before you even ask them.

3. Are you FULL TIME or PART TIME? Real Estate has no 9-5. Houses sell at midnight, weekends, holidays, etc. Your Real Estate Professional needs to be available 365 24/7 to ensure your transaction closes.

4. How many houses have you sold? Just because you have been doing real estate 2-3 years doesn’t mean you have been “doing” real estate 2-3 years. It means you have had a license. True experience comes from transactions actually closed, not length of time as an Real Estate Professional.

5. Have you taken any education in Mortgage? Just as important as house buying itself. A knowledgeable Real Estate Professional/broker will know the ins and outs of most loan programs. This is vital to your pocketbook. A good broker can save you THOUSANDS of dollars by simply being educated. You would be amazed at how clueless alot of Real Estate Professionals are with the TRUE ins and outs of the process. ASK THIS QUESTION.

6. Do you have references? If you can’t get at least 15 references….move on. This can satisfy both experiences and client satisfaction. Military Life Already Presents Unique Challenges. Making the Right Decision When It Comes to Investing In A Home When You Know You Will Move In 3-4 Years Is More Critical Than Ever. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU! TONS OF REFERENCES on my website under Testimonials It’s YOUR investment. You deserve the best.