Learn The Steps to Becoming a Home Buyer

Deciding to Buy

[ Buyer ] Purchasing a property is most likely the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Whether this is your first purchase or you are an experienced buyer, this decision must be made carefully Why Do You Want To Buy? Are you tired of paying rent? Have you decided to pay your own mortgage and not your landlord’s? Have you outgrown your current home? Are you looking for an investment portfolio? Are you looking for a rental property? Would you like a larger yard? Would you rather live in a different area? Do you want to shorten your commute? […]

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[ Buyer ] Before you start shopping for your property, it is a good idea to make some preparations. Build Your Green File. A green file contains all your important financial documents. You will need it to secure financing for your property. The typical green file should contain: Financial statements Bank accounts Investments Credit cards Auto loans Recent pay stubs Tax returns for two years Copies of leases for investment properties 401K statements, life insurance, stocks, bonds, and mutual account information. Check Your Credit Rating. Your credit score will have a huge impact on what type of property you can […]

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Choose an Agent

[ Buyer ] Buying a property requires making many important financial decisions, understanding complex issues and completing a lot of paperwork. It helps to have an expert in your corner when undertaking such a large purchase. We can guide you through the process of choosing a buyer, and also provide you with access to property listings before they hit the general market Here are some factors to consider when choosing a buyer: Look for a full-time buyer – one who has experience completing transactions similar to yours. Interview a few agents: Are they familiar with the area in which you are interested? […]

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Time to go Shopping

[ Buyer ] Once those preparations are out of the way, it is time to find the right property for you. Take a Drive. Get to know the neighborhoods, complexes, or subdivisions, which interest you. Drive around and get a feel for what it would be like to own a property in the area. Start getting a sense of the properties available in those areas. Narrow Your Search. Select a few properties that interest you the most and have your real estate agent make appointments to visit them. Ask your real estate agent about the potential long term resale value […]

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Home Inspection and Appraisal

[ Buyer ] The Process, Step-by-Step: The Initial Agreement and Deposit. An effective agreement is a legal arrangement between a potential purchaser and the property’s seller. Some important tips to keep in mind to streamline the process: Keep written records of everything. For the sake of clarity, it will be extremely useful to transcribe all verbal agreements including counter-offers and addendums and to convert them into written agreements to be signed by both parties. We will assist you in drafting all the paperwork for your purchase and make sure that you have copies of everything. Stick to the schedule. Now […]

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Moving In

[ Buyer ] Closing Day If you have come this far, then this means that it is almost time for a congratulations, but not yet. Whether you are doing a PCS move or government assisted move, do not forget to tie up these loose ends! Final Walk-Through Inspection. More of a formality than anything else, the final inspection takes place a day before, or the day of the closing. You will visit the property to verify that all is in working order, everything is the same as when you last viewed the property, that there are no extra items left […]

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